Cat Water Fountains: Enjoyable and Beneficial Device for Cats

Water is essential to the overall health and wellbeing of your cat. However, plenty of cats are often not hydrated enough, and they have to be encouraged to drink water more. This can pose a problem for lots of cat owners.

In case your pet cat has conditions like kidney disease, it is even more crucial to get the cat to imbibe sufficient amounts of water to ensure good health. For many cat owners, the use of a cat water fountain has solved this problem. The device comes in several kinds from cordless pet water fountain to automatic ones.

One might think that a cat fountain, which offers drinkable water for cats, seems like a luxury item for cat owners. But you have to know the important reasons why veterinarians suggest using this kind of device for felines.

The main reason why many cat owners now have cat fountains is that it encourages cats to drink water from the device and allow them to drink their needed amount of water every day. Cat water fountains also provide safe, drinking water for pets anytime they need.

If you have a cat, you may have stumbled upon cordless pet water fountain in pet care stores or online. You may have heard about the item from fellow cat enthusiasts. You may have overlooked them because you did not think it would work.

However, you should know that cats prefer running water compared to water that is kept stagnant on bowls. Now, if you often give your pet cat dry food, water intake is needed more than ever. If you have difficulties getting him to drink from his bowl, maybe it’s high time that you give a cat water fountain a chance.

A cat fountain that is filled with clean, fresh running water will encourage your cat to drink more of the stuff. The setup will maintain good hydration levels and help him avoid health conditions that are caused by inadequate water intake. The usual health issues that are caused by dehydration or lack of water are kidney diseases and urinary tract infection.

Cats are also susceptible to a health condition called feline acne. This acne often appears on their chins. It is usually caused by bacterial infection, and this bacteria can be hidden in abrasions that are brought about by constantly using a plastic water bowl. Because of this, using a ceramic or stainless steel cat fountain is often recommended.

Excellent cat water fountains feature motors that emit minimal noise. The amount of noise the fountain releases is crucial since noise can be upsetting to cats. That noise may scare them and further discourage your pet from drinking on the fountain. You also have to acquire a fountain that is easy to clean and maintain.

If you are a busy individual, it can be time-consuming to purchase a fountain that takes a lot of effort to clean up. Look for ones that are dishwasher-friendly. Selecting a model with filters that are easy to replace is also something you should consider.

You have to find one that has a bigger volume as well. The fountain should be capable of containing enough water to supply your pet with fresh, drinkable water for several days. In case you take care of several cats, the fountain should be able to contain sufficient water for the entire brood.

The presence of a cat water fountain or a cordless pet water fountain can aid in filling that need for a drink. It will further stimulate your cat to pass by the fountain and get a drink from it. It is a great sight for all cat owners to see cats drinking from a water fountain. Many think this is a cute and nice sight.

The setup can offer hours of amusement for your felines as well. Lots of cats do enjoy looking at the small waterfall before them. There are even cats that play with the water that trickles out of the setup. They fling their paws in the stream and then drink right after.

Another benefit of the cat water fountain is the filtering it produces. The filtering is an advantage for homes with water that does not have a good taste. Filters are also recommended for cat owners who worry about contaminations. This feature will aid in rounding up any fragment or particle that has gotten through the fountain.

Cats do enjoy the presence of a cat water fountain and as a cat owner, it is your duty to give them the best care that they deserve. The cat fountain provides lots of health benefits for cats. Investing in one is not a bad idea at all, especially if you are worried about your feline’s water intake.