Homdox Automatic Electric Pet Water Fountain Review

To best enhance your pet’s health, ensuring good hydration is key. Some pets, though, require more attention and more encouragement to drink water. There are also pets who have urinary and kidney issues who are in critical need of getting adequate hydration all the time. The perfect solution to these problems is getting a pet fountain, as suggested by vets all over the world.

The Homdox Automatic Pet Water Fountain is a great option for a pet fountain. It has replaceable filters included that make the water quality better, making the water odor-free and better tasting. These factors will encourage your pet to drink more. What’s more, the continuous movement of the fountain discourages bacteria growth, and the trickling stream also entices your pet to drink more.

The LED light feature of Homdox Automatic Pet Water Fountain is an added plus in attracting your pet to the fountain most of the day. The fountain’s multi-level design makes it easy for several pets to drink at one time, and its compact shape and size makes it perfect for small homes that are lacking in space.


  • Automatic Electric Design
  • Water capacity: 1.8 liters
  • Made from a sturdy plastic material
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe, except for the pump
  • With LED lights to better attract your pet
  • Best suited for cats and dogs
  • Can be fitted with replaceable filters
  • AC Adapter
  • Fountain dimensions: 9.75 inches (L) x 7.61 inches (W) x 4.29 inches (H)
  • Plug type: US plug
  • Compact size, ideal for small spaces
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Multi-level design to allow multiple pets to drink simultaneously
  • Automatically switches off when water is below minimum


To further enhance your pet’s health, making sure its hydration levels are adequate is one of the crucial things you can do. A well-hydrated pet has better resistance to urinary and kidney diseases. Vets from all over the world can vouch for the pet fountain’s effectiveness in increasing your pet’s desire to drink more water.

Homdox is a pet-supply company whose goal is to provide quality and affordable solutions for your pet’s needs that ensure 100% user satisfaction. The Homdox Automatic Electric Pet Water Fountain was created with that principle in mind, making it a good choice for a pet fountain company.

The Homdox Automatic Electric Pet Water Fountain is sure to enhance your pet’s hydration. Pet fountains are very attractive for pets, and the continuously moving water keeps their interest piqued. Pets can actually spend hours looking at the trickling water and drinking from it all the time. This instills a good habit of drinking water, and ensures proper hydration for your pets.

With a LED light added to the Homdox Automatic Electric Pet Water Fountain’s design, pets are sure to be even more interested in the fountain. People who purchased this pet fountain can attest to the fact that the water consumption of their pets was greatly increased.

The multi-level design of the Homdox Automatic Electric Pet Water Fountain makes it great for the household that has multiple pets. Several pets can drink from it at once, therefore eliminating waiting time in drinking and promoting bonding between pets.

The compact design is also perfect for homes that have limited spaces, and its attractive small plastic body with clean lines will fit any type of house décor. Best of all, the uncomplicated shape of this pet fountain makes it easier to clean than other pet fountains. Its small size allows it to be easily handled in the sink, and the fountain, save for the pump, is top-rack dishwasher safe.

Homdox is proud that this fountain’s design comes with fountain replacement filters. These filters protect the pump by keeping debris and particles such as pet hair from reaching the pump motor. Water quality is also enhanced because the water is filtered, thereby removing unpleasant odors and tastes. This feature is a definite advantage over most of the other pet fountains from other brands.

With a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule, this pet fountain will surely provide great-tasting and good-quality water to your pets every day. A way to ensure that the fountain will do its job efficiently is to always check that the water is always past the minimum level. This prevents drinking fountain related accidents from happening to your pet.

The Homdox Automatic Electric Pet Water Fountain is very easy to setup in your home. As an added safety measure, this pet fountain is designed to automatically shut off when water levels go below the minimum level. For people who tend to forget because of their hectic schedule, this feature is great because the fountain does not call for round-the-clock supervision.


The base of this pet fountain, as some users have found, is a bit light. It could do with a bit more weight added to its base so that it’s prevented from being accidentally moved by the pets.


For your pet’s hydration needs, choose the Homdox Automatic Electric Pet Water Fountain. Its affordability and quality make this fountain a great buy. This fountain is also perfect for people and pets with sensitive ears because it is very quiet. It is also very easy to clean and maintain, as compared to other pet fountains with complicated designs and shapes.