Make Kitty Drink More Water? Yes, You Can!

Plenty of cat owners often worry that their cats are not getting the amount of water they need. Fret not, because there is a good solution for that common problem. Why not provide your cat with a drinking source that he likes and actually enjoys?

Many have invested in devices like the automatic cat water fountain type to give proper hydration for their cats. The cat water fountain has it all—fresh, drinking water and the sight of water trickling down. These sights are something all cats are especially fond of.

If you want to own a cat fountain, you have to consider the kind of material the device is made of. Many are not into plastic cat fountains since the material includes chemicals that can be harmful to pets.

There are also cats who do not like plastic water fountains, their dislike possibly stemming from the plastic fumes the device releases. Plastic is also prone to scratches, and these scratches can be breeding grounds for bacteria.

Cats like water that is not too cold nor too warm. This is where the advantage of a ceramic cat fountain enters the picture. Ceramic is a material that is capable of keeping water cool. There are also fountains that are made with metal material. However, some pets are not too fond of the metallic taste it provides.

Lots of veterinarians are suggesting fountains that are made from ceramic material for cats. However, pet owners have to make sure that the glaze on the ceramic setup should be safe for pets. There are some glazes out there who say they are food-safe. However, some do leak chemicals with just a tad of exposure.

Cats are different from each other, though, so you still have to observe your feline and check out his preferences before buying a cat fountain. There are cats who would try to drink from the toilet while there are some who are content to drink from a bowl.

There are also cats with unique drinking habits—some cats prefer dipping a paw into a bowl of water then lick the stuff off from the paw. However, despite all those quirks and preferences, many have observed that cats are in fact more interested and drawn to the action happening on a dripping spout.

If you have a cat that is tame and calm when it reacts to threats, they will respond well to an automatic cat water fountain. There are fountains that have water dripping from different devices as well. Some models have spouts that shoot water into a bowl, and some even have spray heads. All of these models mentioned are recommended for the kind of cat who is drawn to movement.

Timid, wary cats will want a fountain where the water gurgles visibly but has a gentle yet steady flow. They will be drawn to the gurgling water’s soft sounds and the sight of a shot faucet with water trickling out of it. Because this type of fountain is not that obvious they will not get scared of it and keep away from it.

And now we will tackle a cat owner’s preferences. Are you fond of the kind of fountain that your cat is into? Even if the style of the fountain is not your speed, you will see the item anyway every day, and in time you will get used to the way it appears and the sound it creates.

What is important here is for the cat to get his required amount of water to keep himself properly hydrated. Thus he needs a device that is not intimidating and will allow him to be his playful, happy self. It is a nice idea to invest on a device that your cat will appreciate. Happy cats, in turn, make for happy cat owners.

Therefore, a cat water fountain is a device which aims to help cats get water and encourage them to drink it for overall health. Quality cat water fountains have a great construction, are durable and made with safe materials for pets, are oxygenated continuously, and come in a wide variety of styles, so owners will have plenty of options to choose from.

As a cat owner, it is your sole duty to make sure that your cat is always in his prime form. Thus you have to invest on devices that will guarantee complete health. Hopefully, the cat water fountain you purchase will make your cat crazy over it and keep him hydrated at all times.