Reasons to Get a Cat Fountain

Surprisingly, a great number of cats are reported to love drinking from a tap water faucet. This is proof that cats prefer drinking from a running water source than from a bowl where the water has been left out all day. Think about it: we humans hate stale water that has been left in a glass, so why are cats any different? Cat fountains work by mimicking the fresh trickling water from streams that cats are naturally attracted to.

A feline in the wild is proven to drink from a fresh stream of water more often than a puddle of water on the ground. Getting a cat water fountain is definitely better than keeping the faucet running all day long. Here is a list of reasons why you should get a cat water fountain:

Encourages your cat to drink more.

Getting a cat water fountain is a perfect solution for getting your cat to drink more without keeping your faucet running all day long. Even cats that do not make the added effort of jumping in sinks to drink from the faucet are enticed by the running water of the fountain.

The sight of trickling water is fascinating to cats, thus they are more drawn to a water fountain than a plain and stagnant water bowl. There are thousands of owners who can attest to the effectiveness of the fountain in increasing their cat’s interest in drinking water.

This increased in drinking is essential in forming a good water-drinking habit that will benefit your cat’s health. Although some owners have reported that their cats are put-off by the sound of the fountain pump’s motor, there are many fountains available on the market that are completely silent.

Usually, pumps do not make much noise unless the fountain was filled incorrectly. By following the manufacturer’s instructions, you can be sure that the fountain will operate silently and effectively.

The feline’s natural instinct in the wild is to find a cool and moving stream of water to drink from. This is not a different case from the feline friends inside our homes.

Since cat fountains work by constantly circulating water to provide a flowing stream for your pet cat to drink from, it mimics that natural flow of water that cats are attracted to. The constant circulation also makes the water fresher, which then entices your cat to drink more.

Filling up on health-giving water.

Because of the continuous movement of the water in the fountain, the fountain works by breaking the surface tension of the water and drawing in healthy amounts of oxygen. This process is called aeration, and it makes the water more enticing to drink than static water from dishes.

Water is vital for a cat’s health, and water that is exposed to oxygen is even healthier and fresher. Cats do not need to drink a lot, as compared to other animals, but they need to take in their minimum recommended daily amount of water to keep their hydration levels healthy.

Without ample water intake, cats run the risk of dehydration and urinary tract disease, and cats with these disorders have a greater need for proper hydration to support kidney function.

The amount of water that the cat drinks each day varies, and it will depend on some factors. A cat that is usually fed dry food will need more water to drink than a cat that is regularly given canned food because the latter contains a good amount of water.

Elderly cats usually drink more than younger cats, but a cat that drinks too much will need to be checked for diabetes by a vet. Losing as little as ten percent of their total body water can prove fatal for cats.

Access to clean and great-tasting water.

With the development of filters for cat water fountains, the fountains’ benefits have been greatly enhanced. Filters added to the fountain work by enhancing the water and increasing the life of the pump. The filter removes large particles and debris like hair, and keeps them from reaching the pump.

A lot of filters available on the market are made from activated carbon. These filters come from coconut shells that go through a process called carbonization, which removes all other elements, leaving only carbon. It is then activated by adding back oxygen.

This process creates a material that is well-suited in absorbing basic water contaminants, and even chlorine from tap water. Taste is improved greatly because of this, and unpleasant odors are also removed from the water.

Another thing that enhances the taste of the water is the constant water circulation of the fountain, and this also inhibits the growth of bacteria. All of these features work together to provide clean, fresh, and safe drinking water for your cats.

Gives way to social drinking.

The cat water fountains come in a wide range of models and sizes, and some options include multiple streams of water to allow simultaneous drinking. These fountains also have larger reservoir sizes, which are convenient for households with multiple pets.

Various heights and spouts allow for different drinking positions for your pets. Cats are very social creatures, and one great way for them to bond is through drinking. This habit of bonding over drinking water encourages your cats to drink more and spend more time near the fountain.